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42 reviews for Monthly SnD membership

  1. Lars Schmidt (verified owner)

  2. kurebonne (verified owner)

    A great software, It works like a charm. an there is a ton of videos with a lot of teaching and the support is outstanding. I can only recommend to become a member of the pipnotic family.

  3. Josefine Jönsson (verified owner)

    Pipnotic is outstanding. The supply and demand software works like magic. If you’re passion in life is trading, then you have come to the right place. The service that Sarid give back is fantastic, always helpful.

  4. Erik Lindblad (verified owner)

    Sarid has a great passion for both trading and software development and that is indeed reflected in his products and his ambitions to share his knowledge among the members of the community.

    He is always there to help, support and answer questions about the software and trading in general. He regularly posts new educational material and takes requests for different topics of his videos. The software portfolio is always under development and interesting features are introduced regularly.

    Last but not least, he is a very genuine and likable guy. He is friendly and open and now and then he shares pictures and anecdotes from his family life and adventures in the jungles of Bali which is nice.

    I am very happy being a part of Pipnotic community!

  5. Mr Badger (verified owner)

    I came for the algos, but stayed for the education. and, the algos keep getting better. While Sarid isn’t offering a mentor-ship, but primarily some EA’s/Indicators based on sound market theory (supply and demand and relative strength) and support/community around those tools, the education and implicit mentoring is better than I’ve received in other trainings and mentor-ships that have cost me significant $$. His videos make understanding supply and demand accessible and obvious, more like a narrative than a complex set of rules. I can ask a question, and, instead of being told to work it out for my self get an answer. A simple, direct helpful answer. Time isn’t spent bagging other systems or trainers, there’s no hype, just great tools, a calm supportive environment and great learning. The whole pipnotic experience is simply great.

  6. Pablo Gajardo (verified owner)

    I recommend 100% S / D + currency strengt.

    I have been using the zones for about 9 months and they really are a Filter or a very effective help when opening positions.

    Besides Sarid’s way of seeing the market is very good, apart from that he is always ready to answer any questions.

    highly, highly recommended.

  7. Matt Hogg (verified owner)

    I first came across Sarid whilst exploring YouTube and I am so glad that I did. I was initially drawn to the clarity and the logic he applies to his trading of where to buy, where to sell etc. Having now studied his course and used the software for some months, I’ve gone from being the guy that bought a pair because there was a bullish engulfer at EMA ‘resistance’ because my broker had told me that’s a strategy and that’s what I should be doing, to instead buying a pair at a level that is cheap and where I can expect the institutions to be buying too. A revelation.

    In world of seemingly endless scam artists, fake mentors and people who have genuinely not got a clue, I can assure you that this is the Champions League of the Fx space; Sarid is the real deal. No other indicators are required – just the Pipnotic Software. If you’re serious about trading forex properly, sign up with Sarid. Without hesitation, 5 glorious stars out of 5.

  8. Jonathan Holmes (verified owner)

    I have been trading Forex and Commodities since 2015. I lost money for two straight years attempting to implement the strategies I was taught by a so-called reputable company who I paid 20K to coach and teach me. I never actually blew my account but it came close! Despondent and severely disappointed I took a 4 months break from trading to review and re-evaluate what I had learned. I studied and acquired as much knowledge as I could around trading on my own. Countless hours of back testing ensued. In the end I committed to the Ichimoku Kinko Hyu system developed by Goishi Hosada and made mainstream in Asian trading markets by Hidenobu Sasaki (Nikko Citigroup Securities trader). I studied some of the original text books translated from Japanese by Chris Capre from 2ndSkiesForex. I was born again and traded various Ichimoku trading strategies systematically with about 50% success using the traditional techniques. I went on to further develop systems based around Ichimoku Kumo and Kijun-sen using Renko charts on multiple time frames. My win rate at that point went up to 60-70%. My problem was consistency and trying to read, what seemed at the time, like random reversals.

    Lately a good friend introduced me to a video that you did for FX Street based around Supply and Demand and reading price action. I decided to research this and your work more thoroughly because the enormity of what you were proposing struck me immediately. I have not looked back once! After a thorough back test on a few pairs, I realised that this was the missing element. I have now devoted my trading to Supply and Demand based on detecting liquidity pools and using the tools you have developed which make that study incredibly accessible not to mention profitable.

    My win rate has averaged 97% for the last two weeks that I have traded using your indicator for Supply and Demand and strategies based on Supply and Demand and while I will confess that I put Ichimoku on the chart to “understand where I am” at times, increasingly I have no need of it. Your work and research and the sharing of the indicators has taken my forex trading to a level of consistency that I have long desired. My certainty around trades is much more balanced and I now truly consider that obtaining an edge in a given market is indeed possible and achievable. I am not sure how one properly appreciates the sharing of such knowledge and I want to express my deep gratitude for sharing this knowledge with your students. Your sincerity and deep experience is immediately apparent from the first videos and I want to thank you for the rapid response to my questions, queries and comments in the chat room – something I have not experienced at all before.

    In summary my trading has moved to a level where I truly believe, for the first time in four years probably, that I am trading and not systematically gambling. Due to personal circumstances I have had to rebuild my life again and I now believe that my trading will be a major player in that re-build.

    Thank you Sarid Harper. I have never met you in person but you have without any doubt in my mind whatsoever given me the most powerful trading knowledge in my arsenal. I look forward to developing it to the point of complete mastery it as you clearly have.

  9. Jonathan Holmes (verified owner)

    I have been trading with the concept of Supply and Demand levels for some time now – about 2 years and it probably marked the point at which I became a consistently profitable trader. I have used a number of tools, but none has come close to the ease of use and configurability that Pipnotic’s software offers. It is the Mercedes Benz of SD indicators. Its is confidence inspiring and it draws fast and reliably on my MT4 terminal. It is a superior tool in almost every way to other indicators I have tried and honestly, I would not like to contemplate trading without it. At this price point it is a steal without a shadow of doubt in my mind. It is a valuable tool in my arsenal and if I was reduced to one tool only it would be this one. Can you find the levels yourself? Yes, you can, but not 26 pairs on multiple time frames day after day with the same precision, repeatability and reliability. Sarid’s support is next level and he uses his own tool every day to trade his own money. That is a sound endorsement in itself. In my view it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  10. Elijah Marks (verified owner)

    You just cant give Pipnotic enough stars! I love the clean quick code, which is updated often, so many sexy software options! but what I love the most is Sarid, the coder,is so kind, unselfish and caring for others, He always seems to take the time needed to welcome everyone and make sure they are up and running without any snags. In the world of forex its rare to meet someone like Sarid, not only is he someone that really has mastered forex, he has been able to transfer his trading techniques to software in an amazing new way, and he remains ready willing and able to help even the greenest noob. So the code is great! and the guy doing the coding is really committed to service after the sale! And so for me, the extreme value here is not only in the extensive excellent softwares, but the service that comes with it!

    My favorite software is the new Poolsbot, this is based on the Supply and Demand Algo, and allows and provides a real edge in the market as it is 100% automated and is able to manage trades effectively and intelligently while I am away from my trading terminal.

    Sarid brings a unique skill set to the market that he shares openly with subscribers, he doesn’t just sell awesome software, but he will also teach you how to use it! He provides seemingly endless trading training videos that are well presented and prepared professionally. And for those that stick with pipnotic for a while, you can’t help but learn how to trade professionally by paying attention to all the teaching and training that Sarid provides!

    He doesnt say he will teach subscribers how to trade, but IF you stick around and pay attention to what he is teaching everyday and even the noobs catch on and learn valuable trading skills.

    I have used pipnotic software for quite a few years, and working with Sarid has allowed me to learn & perfect some of his profitable trading processes, and the more time I have spent studying the markets using Sarid’s Supply and Demand products, the more perfect my processes have become.

    It is really Sarid that has taught me the most about trading profitably, and he has helped me heaps to perfect my trading processes more than any other human alive, so to me what makes Pipnotic really great is that finally there is a professional product that comes with professional service! all too often in forex you either get one or the other (and never both)! The Pipnotic software is always improving, and Sarid is always open to requests to improve functions or to even add new functions! And now with the new longer term billing options, it makes staying a subscriber for a long time even a better value!

  11. Nicholas Majeska (verified owner)

    Sarid and his software are simply brilliant. The level of detail each indicator goes into daily helps show me prime levels to start trading at. The videos, even the free training ones are in detail and helped me draw in my own lines on charts not explored by the training. These lines are still valid today. I don’t think I would have been able to be as successful in forex had I not found this software. Anyone new to forex should really latch on to this because it is far more valuable than the price tag is and should help easily earn it’s keep quickly. Any veteran traders could profit from this as a helpful tool to push to the next level. The tools are all aesthetically customizable and work well within the MT4 platform (I am told MT5 is coming soon and very excited to see this as well).

    You will be saving these videos to watch again and again, especially when you feel stuck. Each video symposium is conducted with a level of expertise unseen today. Sometimes I play them in the background to see if I can pick up something I missed while focused on watching charts.

  12. Andrew (verified owner)

    Since being introduced to Sarid Harper and his Pipnotic software my trading has improved. Being able to easily find Supply and Demand levels and too see them so easily makes trading more fulfilling and saves hours of time. I have been so impressed as Sarid continually finds improvements to the software and genuinely wants to see his students improve. I am still learning but have strong belief that Sarid and the Pipnotic software will assist in making me a long term profitable trader.

  13. Jonathan (verified owner)

    These days, finding a good trading mentor and some useful software/guidance can be very challenging, very frustrating, and very expensive.

    Sarid is in a different class to just about anyone that you are ever likely to meet on your trading journey. He is part of a very rare breed of true (and very honest) professionals and I could not be more pleased to recommend him and the Pipnotic software to anyone who is serious about successfully trading the financial markets. It’s a cliche, but Sarid is, without any shadow of a doubt, the “real deal” and, moreover, he is extremely helpful and open with his precious knowledge. Sarid is someone that settles for nothing less that absolute quality and the Pipnotic software reflects this ethos – it is of enormous benefit to traders of all levels. In short, learning from Sarid will most likely be a “game changer” for you, and it probably won’t be long before you find yourself wondering what the hell you we’re doing (in terms of trading) in your pre-Sarid days.

    Truth is that there are no “shortcuts” to success in trading, but there are certainly an abundance of things which take you round in circles and get you precisely nowhere. If you are willing to put in the time and listen/learn, then Sarid is someone who really can get you to EXACTLY where you want to go in terms of trading. When used correctly, the Pipnotic software is the Google Maps of the trading world and I could not be more keen to see you succeed with it.

    Use your time wisely! Get signed up with Sarid and start moving forward. It will most likely be the best trading decision you will ever make.

  14. vpotthast (verified owner)

    I have been using the software for more than 3 yrs. It has propelled my trading to the next level in terms of understanding the markets and actual results. If any of you is serious about trading and willing to put the necessary effort into it, this is the right place for you. Sarids support, plus his outstanding Suppy and Demand software will give you a great edge to become a profitable trader. Thanks mate!

  15. daverukkila (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the Supply and Demand Pipnotic product for several months now. Sarid’s teachings combined with the software have greatly improved my trading. Sarid’s service, his symposiums (education), and products are excellent. His market knowledge is awesome. If you’re considering trading forex, this is a great way to learn and be successful. Thanks Sarid!

  16. kyle_rickman (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the Supply and Demand software for over 6 months and between the software, the education that Pipnotic (Sarid) offers along with the courtesy and caring in his customer service Pipnotic offers everyone a great opportunity to learn and enjoy trading at any level. Sarid takes great pride in bringing everyone the best product available which includes the webinars (education), software (supply and demand, currency strength histogram and others) and combines these with some of the best live interaction. You can tell Sarid really wants to help you achieve your goals and turn you into a consistent forex trader. There is a lot to learn with Forex trading but you won’t get better tools, education or someone that takes an interest in helping you to become the best trader you can be than Pipnotic and Sarid. You can trust Sarid and the tools/education that he offers. Thanks Sarid!

  17. Jakes Becker (verified owner)

    Pipnotic magic! I have been dabbling with Forex trading since 2010 with limited success. What I have witnessed the past month in demo and forward testing is truly remarkable. Pipnotic brings context to your strategy. It does not matter what type of trader you are, positional, swing or day trader, this tool will complete your strategy and bring the desired result. Sarid’s demo’s (and support) will get you to your edge in no time. I have no words to express my gratefulness to Sarid for making this tool available.

  18. Jason S. (verified owner)

    The Pipnotic software has been an invaluable addition to my trading approach. The clearly defined supply and demand levels help me refine my entries and minimise my risk substantially. Whether I am scanning the market for longer term trading opportunities, or looking for shorter-term trades while my longer term thesis is unfolding, the visual nature of the indicator allows me to quickly scan multiple pairs on a multitude of time frames, increasing the likelihood of finding many trades that I would otherwise be unaware of. All of this, combined with Sarid’s excellent educational resources, accessibility through the Pipnotic forum and his commitment to the weekly symposiums, make this an exceptional trading tool! Keep up the great work, Sarid!

  19. Cecilia Sanchez Corona (verified owner)

    Through my Forex trading learning journey I have tried everything, from a chart full of indicators and trend lines to a clean one that focused only on fundamentals just to end up frustrated about not realizing profits. Then I came across Sarid’s Pipnotic Supply and Demand software that combined with risk management has helped me improve my results. Even though the software is very accurate (market usually responds to such zones) and is very easy to manage, Sarid is always encouraging us to understand how such zones are drawn. His knowledge and teachings are exceptional while his timely client service is always professional and kind.

  20. Robert O. (verified owner)

    I believe that Pipnotic Software is a premier program that simplifies identification and clearly provides visual levels of buyers and sellers that cannot be found with any other service. I strongly recommend membership for any Forex beginners, such as myself.

  21. Gunther D. (verified owner)

    Pipnotic gives me the possibility to have a real view inside the market! Thank you Sarid for your excellent service!

  22. Alex Wasif (verified owner)

    I have been using the Pipnotic software for about three years. Sarid is an amazing teacher and his software really helps even the newest of traders to visualize liquidity. I have not only become a profitable trader but I have a much deeper understanding of why price is moving between levels. This was vital for building confidence and trusting my trades and therefore has allowed me to focus more of my energy on self discipline.

    I would highly recommend anyone who is serious at learning to trade any market, to look very closely at what Sarid is offering with Pipnotic software.

  23. David H. (verified owner)

    I have been using the Pipnotic Software for the last two years. It is amazing how Sarid has improved the Pipnotic software over that time-frame. Today, the software highlights and draws your eyes to the best levels of Supply and Demand and is immensely helpful compared to the raw candle charts. Sarid has added currency strength analysis to his software and this certainly adds to selecting the better risk currency pairs to trade and in my case, helps me to stay in trades longer as long as the relative currency strength stays strong. In addition, Sarid is very giving of his time and teaching to support all levels of traders so they can develop an understanding of Supply and Demand and incorporate it into their trading skills. Finally, his Pipnotic website and software are constantly improving, with lots of reference materials, built-in support and personally, I find the weekly symposium is very educational.

    I highly recommend this software and the Pipnotic service.

  24. Everette Motley (verified owner)

    Since I switched from trading stocks to currencies, I have found that the supply/demand indicator and currency histogram indicator has been an invaluable tool for my trading.

    I am a technical analysis guru but I find the simplicity of your indicators aid with forecasting price action, stop placement, and spotting clear divergence (or expected price reversals). In addition, the customer service that I receive at Pipnotic is phenomenal. If I have any hiccups, I can reach a person via email or even skype chat for assistance.

    Keep up the great work.

  25. Josh (verified owner)

    I had been looking for a place to learn about supply and demand and currency strength for a very long time. I never really understood the idea of supply and demand or currency strength properly until I heard Sarid give a talk for FX Street in Barcelona. I became a member shortly after in order to learn more about what he spoke about during the webinar. I was pleased to learn that it doesn’t need to be complicated to be powerful and I found myself viewing the markets with a fresh pair of eyes, already a few weeks after I signed up. The educational material Sarid provides for us is so profound that I don’t think I will ever look at a price chart the same way again. This combined with the Pipnotic software has really helped me establish an objective and simple approach to trading any market. Sarid, I could never thank you enough for what you have done for me, my life and my trading. Thank you.

  26. Robert G. (verified owner)

    Sarid is a master of trading supply and demand! He is an excellent teacher and truly cares about helping others become better traders. I have been learning supply and demand from him for almost 2 years now and am truly grateful for becoming a part of Pipnotic. His Pipnotic software makes trading so much easier, as it displays the most important supply and demand areas together with information such as entry/stop levels and position size, which is based on your risk settings. Everything is color coded so you always know which time frame the supply and demand areas and trend lines were qualified on, which is great as this allows you to see nested supply and demand areas from multiple time frames, on the same chart. The Pipnotic software is a true masterpiece and would help all traders from beginner to professional.

    Due to the abundance of information regarding trading software and trading systems out there, finding Pipnotic and learning supply and demand from Sarid was like finding a needle in a haystack.

    Thank you.

  27. E. B. (verified owner)

    I have been using Pipnotic’s supply and demand indicator for close to a year now, It allows me to do a very extensive technical analysis yet in a much shorter time. That combined with the currency strength indicators really changed the way I do my market analysis everyday. The versatility of all these indicators make them useful for both short and long term strategies. I recommend these indicators to both amateur and expert traders.

  28. Sue D. (verified owner)

    Even if you have traded for decades using hundreds and hundreds of indicators, never will there have been a light shone upon your charts as with the Supply and Demand indicator and the Pipnotic Software which specialises in bringing the best that the indicator has to offer to the trader. Even though the indicator is easy to install, with video instruction available to set up all the parameters of the various indicators and features for your chart, support is always at hand from the designer of the software, Sarid Harper. Sarid designed the software for his own trading, following years of experience working with banks and their needs for information technology. The Supply and Demand indicator, together with all that the software has to offer is incredibly intuitive and offers insight to trading not offered elsewhere. The trader has the feeling of almost being ‘psychic’! The greatest advantage of this indicator is that it can never become obsolete or ineffective as other indicators do with increased use by traders as knowledge of them becomes well known. Supply and Demand is always there – no matter what other indicators are developed, taught and used by increasing numbers of traders. This will truly revolutionise your trading!

  29. Peggy (verified owner)

    I have been a member at Pipnotic for almost 6 months and can say that I would not be doing half as well as I am, had I not met Sarid. His understanding of why the market moves was such a fresh and welcomed start for me that it enabled me to discard what I though I already knew about trading. This combined with the Pipnotic software is what it took for me to finally, finally be able to trade consistently. There is also a trading forum with many traders, some professional, from all over the world so there is always someone to ask for help. Another thing worth mentioning is the almost immediate customer support, which is very rare. Sarid really cares about all of us and it shows both in his kind and sincere emails and the software he is constantly improving. Thank you for everything you do for us.

  30. Mark Johnson (verified owner)

    The Pipnotic software is one of the most effective trading tools I’ve ever used in trading the Forex market. This software enables me to assess the best entry and exit areas when trading the Forex market, and allows for maximum profit while keeping risk considerably low. The Pipnotic software is effective for multiple time frame analysis and has proven it’s accuracy time and time again. My customer service experience provided by Sarid, is second to none. He truly has a genuine interest in helping traders to better understand market price action as it applies to this impressive software.

  31. Murray Shields (verified owner)

    The Pipnotic Supply and Demand indicator gives you a visual representation of how price moves making it easier to predict high probably areas where price will react giving you a edge to profit in any market you wish to trade.

    Sarid’s Pipnotic website training is easy to follow and explains exactly how and why price moves and unlike many other trading sites he covers the psychology required to be a successful trader.

    I would highly recommend all traders to check out the Pipnotic website.

  32. Mark B. (verified owner)

    I’ve always been curious about the concept of Support & Resistance and Supply & Demand, but struggled to find a clear distinct explanation of these terms, and a strategy to trade these concepts until I came across Sarid and his Pipnotic Supply & Demand software. Sarid goes out of his way to fully explain the above nuances with fun and easy to remember analogies. What I find fascinating is how he explains the working of the Pipnotic Supply & Demand Software in relation to what the ‘Big Dogs’ (Market Makers) are doing when these market movers are trading some serious amounts of money. He gives great insight into the working of the institutional traders which every retail trader like myself should have some insight.

    Working full-time I’ve tried many trading strategies over the years, most of which required substantial amount of time in front of the trading screen which simply did not suit the time I had available. Pipnotic shows me high probability Position and Swing trades which suits my available screen time. But hey, the Pipnotic strategy can give you all the way down to day and scalping setups if that’s your style.

    What I’m also finding extremely useful is the other resource provided by Sarid such as regular example trading video’s. Trading psychology. Yes, he’s trained in psychology as well. Plus, writes other software indicators that provide a secondary setup confirmation for your trades. Myself, I like the currency strength indicator.

    Sarid is there for your trading questions and any help needed. I’ve dropped him e-mails and I’m not waiting around for a response.

    Cheers Sarid for helping me become a confident trader.

  33. Pedro Cruz (verified owner)

    I have been trading for no more than a couple of years, following the path that many traders do, or so I have heard and read. From a beginner chart almost unreadable to a no-indicators price action only chart, I have used them all. I love trading and have done it without stops, with tight stops, using divergence, patterns, sometimes with great results and other times bad results along the way. One day I came across Sarid Harper. This gentleman is a one of kind trader and educator, from the very beginning. He shares his unique perspective and brilliant results on S/D readings along with amazing availability and fast feedback on any doubt or technical aspect: simple and clear.

    As ancients used to say “don’t give the pips, teach them instead how to catch them”, maybe not exactly like this: you get the idea! He will not do the job for you or me, but anyone who enters here will have the tools to develop high quality trading.

    Thank you for all, Sarid!

  34. Santiago Vilar (verified owner)

    I find the Pipnotic tools very useful to work with supply and demand. Sarid’s teachings really helped me to improve my skills as a trader and to understand how the price reacts in the charts. Moreover, customer assistance is excellent. I highly recommend Sarid’s tools to detect important supply and demand areas and improve as a trader.

  35. Bentley Atteberry (verified owner)

    Pipnotic is a phenomenal tool and a must have for any Supply and Demand strategy. Sarid’s videos are not only educational and helpful, but also a fundamental tool for building a trading strategy. The psychology training videos are a must watch for any beginner trader or a trader potentially going through a rough patch. I look forward to what Sarid and Pipnotic will bring next!

  36. Volker Potthast (verified owner)

    I have been hanging around in the FX business for quite some time but I have never seen something like the Pipnotic Supply & Demand Indicator before. The levels it draws are almost magical (nothing is 100% by the way) and you can expect almost certain some form of reaction at these levels. Additionally, the Currency strength indicator gives you an additional edge which pairs you want to trade at any given session of the day. Furthermore, Sarid is a true professional with outstanding knowledge about the markets. The received support is immediate and profound. Nothing else to be said.

  37. Lucas O’Connor (verified owner)

    The power of the Pipnotic software in combination with Sarid’s teachings of supply and demand levels will teach you to enter trades where there is almost always a reaction in price, giving you the opportunity to take risk out of your trades very quickly and painlessly on just about every entry.

  38. Kent B. (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the Pipnotic Supply and Demand software for over two years and I’m constantly amazed by the accuracy and effectiveness of it. It’s the catalyst for seeing price on an entirely different level. In addition, it will lead you to eliminate all of the indicators that probably clutter your chart now. Of course, the software is only as good as its creator and Sarid is a master programmer and analyst. He works tirelessly to ensure the applications are tuned for peak performance. But it doesn’t end there. He also takes the time to make sure you know how the tools work and best ways to use them via video and blog articles. You won’t find better Forex software, education, service and support! It’s like no other! Thanks Sarid.

  39. Martin (verified owner)

    Dear Sarid

    I want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me to date via, the associated pipnotic MT4 software/indicators, the invaluable learning materials/video tutorials within the members section of the site and also your conscientious/in-depth email support as and when it has been required.

    Whilst I have only been a Pipnotic member for a few months, the marked improvement in my trading style and associated results during this time have been both remarkable and dramatic by anyone’s standards.

    Prior to discovering Pipnotic I had been trading on and off for six years and had experienced indifferent personal results. During that period I literally spent thousands of pounds on live seminars, webinars, online courses, mentors, trading systems and books – all in an unrelenting search for that winning formula (or the more commonly referred to ‘holy grail of trading’!). Unfortunately this six year search didn’t really reap any truly fruitful and long lasting results. At the back end of 2015 I was on the verge of giving up/quitting trading, but then an off-the-cuff remark via a former university friend (and fellow independent trader) at a university reunion contributed towards changing my life forever, and for the better. As a fellow economics graduate he asked me ‘Have you ever applied supply and demand theory to your trading?’. Rather embarrassingly (for an economics graduate!) I had to say ‘no’, but then subsequently a lightbulb definitely lit up in my brain as the conversation developed. I think I had tried (and paid for) every trading system under the sun, rather than applying a theorem/concept which should have been starring me in the face (appreciating my educational background) from day one of my trading journey – the application of supply and demand to the markets!. You see supply and demand can be applied to almost anything in life, from retail products (The higher the demand for an item, generally the higher the price for that item goes as demand outstrips supply) to footballers (Goals win games, but not all footballers can score goals with a degree of regularity. There is a limited supply of those who can, IE : strikers, and as a consequence because demand for strikers is higher than for other positions on the football pitch then they tend to demand a premium upfront price and associated wages), so why couldn’t I apply the same philosophy to trading!.

    With renewed impetuous I returned home and began searching for a credible online educational resource re : the subject of ‘supply and demand’ trading. Via a simple google search I was lucky enough to find relatively quickly and it soon became apparent that this website was going to be a good fit for me and my own personal needs. Why? Well if your looking for a slickly presented sales and marketing website that makes you lots of champagne promises regarding the trading results you are likely to experience if you purchase their latest trading system, then is probably not for you. However, what I will say from my own personal experiences in the past is that those champagne promises invariably turn out to be lemonade!. If instead you want to actually learn how the professionals trade at an institutional level and replicate their processes profitably via your own trading then I implore you to join Pipnotic. I did and I can categorically tell you it is the best decision I have ever made in relation to my trading and associated education.

    My personal decision to join Pipnotic was based upon the fact that their website is the exact polar opposite to the vast majority of trading education websites out there. It doesn’t read like one long sales letter (it doesn’t need to because what Pipnotic teaches actually works!) and instead it reads like one man’s journey/experiences from trading novice to a trading success story (whilst working within large banks, as a computer programmer, all over the world). The free information content on the website, together with Sarid’s Youtube channel videos offer invaluable trading education content in their own right. However by becoming a full member of you will take your own personal trading to a whole new level/stratosphere.

    You see key to the concept is the associated MT4 software which Sarid himself has produced as a consequence of him being a computer programmer originally by profession. This software visually tells you where the banks/institutions/market makers are likely to have their own positions in the market and as a consequence you can then place your own personal orders around these levels in order to ride on the back of the big boys likely market moves. The software quite literally is as close as you are ever likely to get to a program which tells you to ‘buy here’ and ‘sell here’. All you have to do is apply a few simple rules and a little bit of common sense in order to have a distinct trading edge/advantage at your constant disposal. Because the software is proprietary/owned by Sarid he is constantly updating, improving and evolving it in order to improve his own personal trading results and, as a direct consequence, those results of pipnotic members. I must also say at this juncture that not only is Sarid constantly developing the MT4 indicators/software for both his/our use, he is also always diligently adding new educational support materials and videos within the members section of the website. I find these a phenomenal learning resource as I am a very visual/audio learner.

    I personally feel Sarid is on a one man mission to create a more level playing field between the institutional traders and the home/independent traders via the Pipnotic project which I am so proud to be a member of. No question/query is ever too big for Sarid to answer and he will always take time out of his busy schedule to help you and your own personal trading development if he can. In all the time I have been attempting to master trading as an income generating outlet for myself I have never met anyone so sincere, genuine and friendly as Sarid and he fully deserves all the plaudits and success that comes his way in the future.

    Since becoming fully au fait with the pipnotic indicators/software my trading results and personal development in this field have gone from strength to strength as I have stated previously. Indeed I have just achieved my best results to date using the pipnotic indicators/software and this has resulted in me achieving a week-on-week account growth of 4.46% which I am over the moon about. When you put this account growth percentage into perspective and compare/contrast it with the savings account interest rates I am currently receiving in the UK (1.5% per annum/year, not per week!) then this only further serves to re-emphasise the fact that joining Pipnotic was and still is the best trading-related decision I have ever made. For this I will be forever thankful and indebted to Sarid, and as a consequence I thought the least I could do was put my thoughts and praise on paper via this testimonial/letter of thanks and recommendation. Thank you once again Sarid and I look forward to an exciting future with Pipnotic as it goes from strength to strength.

  40. Ray Daulphin (verified owner)

    To say that I have been at this for sometime now is an understatement. There have been several occasions over the years where I have thrown in the towel, despondent and totally frustrated as to why I just couldn’t make this work. I’ve tried everything that I can think of to make Forex trading work for me but with no luck, hopefully until now that is.

    I used to be a member of the Coaches Corner hosted by Vic Noble of the Forex mentor team and now Sarid has been added to the mix and oh what a mix. Although I am no longer a member at Pipnotic, I still get and view the weekly trade example videos posted on YouTube and this is how I was made aware of the Pipnotic software which I have since purchased.

    After spending a while getting used to the software and setting it up to my liking I started to notice that the price levels where I would normally enter a trade were nowhere near any of the supply/demand levels that the software plotted on my charts so immediately I was being forced to be more disciplined and to wait until the relevant supply/demand levels were hit and then wait for my recognised patterns to appear and without hesitation and once my conditions have been met I enter a trade and not before.

    Slowly but surely I am seeing more consistent results and my last 14 trades have delivered the best results I’ve EVER seen for my account and coupled with that my best ever week (802 pips over 14 trades).

    Beginners luck? Maybe, only time will tell but for me the software coupled with getting my head right has been a revelation to my trading.

    Sarid you are most definitely the man and I want to thank you sincerely for having the tenacity and the drive to bring this software to market.

  41. Jeff B. (verified owner)

    I’ve been learning Forex since 2004 and red light/green light days. I always thought I was getting better and had good ideas after every year that passed since then. But, since September of this year when I first started actually studying Supply and Demand with the help of Pipnotic. Well… OMG. Get your head out of your ass if you are serious and sign up.

  42. Ray Monaghan (verified owner)

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the support you have given me since I became a member one year ago, it has been a truly rare experience in the FX jungle. As for trading, I have decided to give up work and trade full time. Since I have had my S/D indicator, its all I use and could not imagine trading without it, may I also add the website is very informative and that alone I have learned so much.

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