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  1. LS
  2. BD

    The Pipnotic Supply and Demand indicator is fantastic, I can’t say enough good things about it! It has entirely changed how I think about trading. This indicator’s precision and dependability are truly amazing. It is comparable to having an experienced trader by your side to help you navigate the market.

    The indicator’s capacity to pinpoint crucial supply and demand zones is unmatched. It has given me a definite advantage in my trading choices by assisting me in identifying the best entry and exit points. The chart’s visual representation of these zones is incredibly simple to understand and convenient to use.

    But Pipnotic’s exceptional customer service is what really makes them stand out. Sarid is incredibly helpful and quick to respond whenever I had a question or needed help. It is truly admirable how committed he is to ensuring the success of his clients.

    Pipnotic stands out among the other trading tools in a market that is overrun with them. Look no further if you’re serious about trading and want an indicator that produces results. A true game-changer is the Pipnotic Supply and Demand indicator. highly advisable

    Thank you Pipnotic for offering such a fantastic tool and first-rate customer service.

  3. AG

    I am a subscriber since 2014. Sarid-Pipnotic was one of the first to talk about Supply and Demand. The software shows in a unique way what’s happening behind the scenes on a chart. Sarid is super professional, constantly looking for innovation to improve his tools. Technical support is great . And very important : Sarid is honest and wants to deliver quality software. Great to know you sarid!

  4. TW

    Support from Pipnotic is amazing! Sarid is always ready to guide you through any queries. Pipnotic makes you feel valued by listening to all ideas and extending on them. Sarid will often take community initiatives all the way through to a solution. BASZ is an EA that is visually easy to understand and implement. With belts and braces risk management BASZ is the perfect tool to trust with your capital!

  5. MN

    Supply and demand indicator
    The Smart Money trading methodology incorporates the concepts of supply and demand by using the trades of institutional traders to identify areas of supply and demand in the Forex market. The Pipnotic indicator helps me identify these areas. By following the positions of these institutional traders, I can potentially increase my chances of making profitable trades with less stress.
    Mr Sarid has been helpful in my trading journey and his tools are highly recommended.