Data dashboards

Don’t have access to your terminal? No problem. Get access to our data dashboards via your telephone when you’re on the move.

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Click on any of the dashboards below, or in the menu at the top of the page, to view them in the browser.


Buy and sell zones

Click to display our supply and demand dashboard for Forex, stocks, crypto and more. Under development.

Asset strength

Click to display our asset strength dashboard for Forex, stocks, crypto-currencies, commodities and more.



Click to display our algorithmic trading dashboard, and view all open and pending orders. Under development.

When you’re on the move

Introducing the Pipnotic software via the browser. Now you can access the information our software generates via your web-browser, when you don’t have access to your trading terminal.

Pipnotic development

We are working hard on bringing our software to MetaTrader 5 as well as to the browser. Come back soon for updates.

"The power of the Pipnotic software in combination with Sarid’s teachings of supply and demand levels will teach you to enter trades where there is almost always a reaction in price, giving you the opportunity to take risk out of your trades very quickly and painlessly on just about every entry."

– Lucas O’Connor

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