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This is what our customers are saying about Pipnotic

Mark B.
United States
What I find fascinating is how he explains the working of the Pipnotic Supply & Demand Software in relation to what the 'Big Dogs' (Market Makers) are doing when these market movers are trading some serious about of money. - more...

I’ve always been curious about the concept of Support & Resistance and Supply & Demand, but struggled to find a clear distinct explanation of these terms, and a strategy to trade these concepts until I came across Sarid and his Pipnotic Supply & Demand software. Sarid goes out of his way to fully explain the above nuances with fun and easy to remember analogies. What I find fascinating is how he explains the working of the Pipnotic Supply & Demand Software in relation to what the ‘Big Dogs’ (Market Makers) are doing when these market movers are trading some serious amounts of money. He gives great insight into the working of the institutional traders which every retail trader like myself should have some insight.

Working full-time I’ve tried many trading strategies over the years, most of which required substantial amount of time in front of the trading screen which simply did not suit the time I had available. Pipnotic shows me high probability Position and Swing trades which suits my available screen time. But hey, the Pipnotic strategy can give you all the way down to day and scalping setups if that’s your style.

What I’m also finding extremely useful is the other resource provided by Sarid such as regular example trading video’s. Trading psychology. Yes, he’s trained in psychology as well. Plus, writes other software indicators that provide a secondary setup confirmation for your trades. Myself, I like the currency strength indicator.

Sarid is there for your trading questions and any help needed. I’ve dropped him e-mails and I’m not waiting around for a response.

Cheers Sarid for helping me become a confident trader.

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