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With our tools, we will show you where the banks are likely buying and selling so you can buy and sell there too.

Our focus


Supply & Demand

Visually see what is driving price and where the banks are buying and selling.

Currency Strength

Understand why a currency pair is moving higher or lower, at a glance.


Weekly videos covering software tweeks, theory, analyses and more.

Frequently asked questions

What does Pipnotic do?

Pipnotic is a software company that writes price action tools for the discretionary trader, with a primary focus on supply & demand, buy and sell zones and currency strength.

What do others think about Pipnotic software?

Please visit our testimonial and review page for reviews and ratings of our products and services.

How do I know if  this a good investment?

We can't guarantee you'll be profitable after you sign up with us but we can tell you that most of our users pay for their subscriptions from their trading, as a result of using our software. Trading, like any other skill, takes time and perseverance to master.

Are my personal data and payment details safe on your website?

We use a PCI Service Provider Level 1 partner for ALL financial transactions. We store no credit card information on our website, and we will NEVER share your email with anybody. Please review our Privacy and Security policy for additional information.

What do I get with my subscription?

You get our supply and demand and our currency strength software with your subscription, as well as access to daily Symposiums and our chat server.

Is Pipnotic a signal provider?

No. We are neither authorised nor licensed to provide investment advice, and are unable to provide trading results, as results will vary from person to person, which is due to the different ways users are using our software.

What people are saying 

2 reviews for Supply and demand PLUS currency strength quarterly membership

  1. Ove Nordkvist

    After a few years of trial and errors(mostly errors) and learning from different teachers. I never really came anywhere. I have blown a couple of accounts, kept a couple status quo, but that was it.

    Then I found Pipnotic and Sarid Harper! Sarid and the Pipnotic Supply and Demand Indicator shows whats going on in the market

    I no longer have to trade blindly.
    The supply and demand indicator is not the holy grail, but together with the symposiums it’s bloody close!

    It’s the real deal!
    Thank you Sarid!

  2. phillip harvey (verified owner)

    Meeting Sarid Harper one day at the Green School Bali community work space was truly one of the most serendipitous moments of my life. I had been trading ( better said gambling ) on a spread betting site for a while. Just trading the Hong Kong index on a demo account. I’d lost plenty of money in the past and had no intention of doing that again. Sarid came over and sat near me. Noticing what i was up to we predictably ended up in a conversation about trading. i’d been having a few thoughts like ” i could really do with some guidance here” and who should show up but Sarid. Quite remarkably good luck as it turns out.

    He didn’t have much to say about what i was up to: i’m sure he had seen it all before. Sarid Just let me carry on. He did however over the next few days begin to talk about supply and demand and how it can be used to trade the fx markets. I had never thought of trading fx having been led to believe it to be very tricky. So a few days went by and i continued doing what i was doing. He would occasionally look over and say that price was going into an area of supply or demand. I’d be thinking, how the devil does he know that. There was no indicator on my chart. Sure enough though, price reversed.

    Sarid was unbelievably helpful: guiding me towards a broker and a proper trading account then setting up the Pipnotic supply and demand indicator. He showed me everything. Even helped me place my first few trades and guided me through how to operate the MT4 trading platform. Then introduced me too many other traders online at the Pipnotic discord chat room, many of whom have immense experience. trying to trade alone is not, in my experience, a good idea.

    My background and education have nothing to do with financial markets ( i went to art school and for many years did nothing other than paint. Trading supply and Demand is not complicated though and doesn’t require a business degree but rather it requires patience and some practice. Mistakes need to be seen as the education. Sarid made this very clear.

    Sarid is an amazing teacher. His supply and demand symposiums are awesome: he makes it understandable, coming at it from different angles until the pennies start dropping.While watching them i have had so many ah ha moments i have lost count.

    One of the most challenging things for me has been the emotional / psychological side of trading but now after using the indicator for several months and making tons of classic rookie mistakes my account is in profit. I have for many years been trying to trade and now i finally am. It’s been a very challenging journey that i have wanted many times to give up on.

    I am very grateful that i met Sarid. One of the most patient and authentic people i have ever met.
    The Pipnotic indicator is quite simply awesome! And coupled with some trading education and some practice its a no brainer.
    Im forever grateful Sarid. Thank you!

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