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All of my premium tools were written with purpose and joy, and it is my hope that you will see as much value in them as I do.

Trading can be tough to get right – hey, that’s probably why you’re here. This is where Pipnotic comes in. We make price action tools and utilities that focus on the real reason price is moving: liquidity.

Our tools are visual, intuitive and easy to learn and use. They will show you what to trade and at what price, hours, days, weeks before price gets there. No more guessing or hoping. It’s that simple.


Supply & Demand

Visually see what is driving price and where the banks are buying and selling.

Currency Strength

Understand why a currency pair is moving higher or lower, at a glance.


Weekly videos covering software tweeks, theory, analyses and more.

What people are saying

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Pipnotic gives me the possibility to have a real view inside the market! Thank you Sarid for your excellent service!

Gunther D.

Brussels, Belgium

The Pipnotic software is one of the most effective trading tools I’ve ever used in trading the Forex market. This software enables me to assess the best entry and exit areas when trading the Forex market, and allows for maximum profit while keeping risk considerably low. The Pipnotic software is effective for multiple time frame analysis and has proven it’s accuracy time and time again. My customer service experience provided by Sarid, is second to none. He truly has a genuine interest in helping traders to better understand market price action as it applies to this impressive software.


United States

I have been using the Pipnotic software for about three years. Sarid is an amazing teacher and his software really helps even the newest of traders to visualize liquidity. I have not only become a profitable trader but I have a much deeper understanding of why price is moving between levels. This was vital for building confidence and trusting my trades and therefore has allowed me to focus more of my energy on self discipline.

Alex Wasif

United States

The power of the Pipnotic software in combination with Sarid’s teachings of supply and demand levels will teach you to enter trades where there is almost always a reaction in price, giving you the opportunity to take risk out of your trades very quickly and painlessly on just about every entry.

Lucas O'Connor

Copenhagen, Denmark

Sarid really cares about all of us and it shows both in his kind and sincere emails and the software he is constantly improving. Thank you for everything you do for us.


Even though the software is very accurate (market usually responds to such zones) and is very easy to manage, Sarid is always encouraging us to understand how such zones are drawn. His knowledge and teachings are exceptional while his timely client service is always professional and kind.

Cecilia Sanchez Corona


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