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Judge us by what our customers are saying on the testimonials page.

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Most of our users pay for their subscriptions from their trading, as a result of using our software.

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Visit our testimonials page to see how well the software works.

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We use a PCI Service Provider Level 1 partner for ALL financial transactions. We store no credit card information on our website, and we will NEVER share your email with anybody. Please review our Privacy and Security policy for additional information.

What do I get with my subscription?

You get our supply and demand and our currency strength software with your subscription, as well as access to daily Symposiums and our chat server.

What is the Pipnotic Symposium?

Symposiums are almost daily videos where we discuss supply & demand, currency strength and look at trade ideas. Here are a few examples:

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7 reviews for 12-month SnD plus EA membership

  1. Anne Gallant (verified owner)

    I am a subscriber since 2014. Sarid-Pipnotic was one of the first to talk about Supply and Demand. The software shows in a unique way what’s happening behind the scenes on a chart. Sarid is super professional, constantly looking for innovation to improve his tools. Technical support is great . And very important : Sarid is honest and wants to deliver quality software. Great to know you sarid!

  2. Todd Whiteman (verified owner)

    Support from Pipnotic is amazing! Sarid is always ready to guide you through any queries. Pipnotic makes you feel valued by listening to all ideas and extending on them. Sarid will often take community initiatives all the way through to a solution. BASZ is an EA that is visually easy to understand and implement. With belts and braces risk management BASZ is the perfect tool to trust with your capital!

  3. Mark Nielsen (verified owner)

    Supply and demand indicator
    The Smart Money trading methodology incorporates the concepts of supply and demand by using the trades of institutional traders to identify areas of supply and demand in the Forex market. The Pipnotic indicator helps me identify these areas. By following the positions of these institutional traders, I can potentially increase my chances of making profitable trades with less stress.
    Mr Sarid has been helpful in my trading journey and his tools are highly recommended.

  4. Mark Kerbeck (verified owner)

    The Pipnotic buy and sell zones expert advisor has been a game changer for me. Before using this software, I was making bad choices and found myself losing much more than I was winning. Since I started using it in October of 2022, I have become profitable and no longer stress over my trades. I am more patient and I stopped taking random trades, as the software forces you to wait for prices to return to the visible zones. It shows me exactly where to get into, out of and when to stay in trades, and I have increased my profits significantly as a result. I highly recommend for anyone looking to improve their trading skills.

    Thank you Sarid!

  5. graham newlands (verified owner)

    I’m an annual subscriber and pipnotic tools certainly provide an edge, and I mix with existing strategies to get a winning formula. The support is great, the discord community is awesome and you find yourself working with some great traders, so it’s not just tools you are investing in, rather it’s yourself and your growth mindset as a trader… I almost exclusively use the BASZ in manual mode to pickup zones of interest….I think it’s under-utilised and an amazing tool as i pair it with the asset histogram….I look forward to being a member for many years ahead…thanks Sarid for all the help and support…

  6. Ricardo Rosales (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Pipnotic Softwre for almost a year now. I’m a very happy costumer with the tools, software, analysis and technical support. Saird does a great job in helping you understand the markets and softwares he provides. I came for the software and stayed for the knowledge and market interpretation. I’m here to stay for a long time!

  7. Anders Dall (verified owner)

    Pipnotic software has taken my trading to a higher level. The support is fantastic and there is a friendly and good community on discord. Sarid is always ready to help. All in all, I have only good things to say about pipnotic. There is so much value for money here and I will highly recommend Pipnotic.

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