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January 2, 2014 by

The Fibonacci number sequence was brought to the west by Leonardo Pisano Bigollo (1170 – 1250) also known as Fibonacci. Fibonacci was best known for his use of the Fibonacci numbers in his work, Liber Abaci (Book of Calculation). The magic of the Fibonacci numbers and their role in trading is something that has occupied me for […]

November 5, 2013 by

Call me late bloomer, but I only recently discovered the power of Gartley patterns. I have found that combining price action trading techniques with chart patterns such as the bullish and bearish butterfly Gartley patterns benefits both the price action trader and the avid chartist. In this post I will discuss how I combine the […]

April 14, 2013 by

With this MT4 Indicator, traders are able to draw greater period Japanese candlesticks on any period chart. When price action on smaller time-frames approaches levels of support and resistance on e.g. hourly, four hourly or daily charts, one can generally expect some kind of manageable reaction. Wouldn’t it be useful if you could display greater […]

March 26, 2013 by

As price action traders, we are always looking at our levels. While there are many levels we’re all very well acquainted with, others may not be so common and thus considered when making trading decisions. In my previous post, Intraday Price Imbalance trading strategy, I discussed how previous day highs and lows can be employed for entries – […]

March 8, 2013 by

Previous day highs and lows are known to be in the minds of traders, and are often used as reference points when making trading decisions. While there is a good chance that price may bounce at these levels, it doesn’t always do so, and can easily continue through and beyond them. How can one qualify […]

February 8, 2013 by

Something worth considering when trading, are the different session ranges. As price action traders, we trade volatility, which is why having the ability to identify key levels of support and resistance is so important. When and where is price likely to react? How do the different session ranges affect price? Being able to answer such […]

September 27, 2012 by

I like using limit orders, as they enable you to get the best possible price for a given currency. The main challenge with using this type of order is that you don’t always know if price will stop or blast through your order and potentially take you out of your trade. In this post I […]