Supply and demand

October 5, 2017 by

Over the past few years I have found that the best way to improve the quality of Pipnotics’ discretionary trading software was to create an algorithmic trader that used the signals provided by the tools to place trades, at least this way it would be possible to quantify the validity of the signals. This I […]

November 13, 2016 by

Are you interested in learning how to trade supply and demand? Have you perhaps been trying to do so for some time but find yourself picking areas of supply and demand, which are not respected? I know how this feels, as it has also happened to me, many times. In this article we will have […]

March 15, 2016 by

In 2010 I started developing the Pipnotic Price Action Pro (PAP) tool to help identify price sensitive areas such supply and demand and much more. The software has evolved into the Pipnotic Supply and Demand tool, which focuses exclusively on supply and demand, and is an extremely powerful tool that does a tremendous job of […]

December 18, 2015 by

Trading supply and demand is very powerful, if you’re able to qualify these areas effectively. You can consider a supply and demand area as qualified if they are able to show some muscle and commitment by breaking the structure of the market, either in the form of consuming opposing supply and demand or, breaking respected trend-lines. In order to […]

November 3, 2015 by

Knowing how to identify support and resistance levels and supply and demand areas is one most important skills you can have. In this video tutorial I’ll show you how to easily identify these levels and areas and I will explain the difference between the two. Support and resistance levels are levels in the market where traders are in agreement. […]

March 22, 2011 by

Over the past two years I have been working on a trading tool called the Price Action Pro, which incorporates some of the most commonly used tools for technical analysis. Many traders tend to invest much effort in using well-known utilities and methods such as support (demand) and resistance (supply) areas, price pivots and Fibonacci […]