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My name is Sarid Harper and I have been developing price action tools since 2010, and founded Pipnotic a couple of years later in order to reach a broader audience.



In 1996 I moved to Denmark after having met my wife in London, England. I was studying medicine prior and wanted to continue my medical studies after I learned to speak Danish.

After a year at language school I took some courses at a local college in order to speed up the process of learning Danish. this was when I was introduced to computer science via an introductory computer science class. A few weeks into the course and I knew that computer science would take me in a new direction. With a keen interest in offensive computer security, this became my new area of focus for the next two decades.


I was introduced to currency trading via security project and begain programming price action tools and utilities in 2010.



In 2017 my wife and I asked ourselves if we were happy with our lives. We felt that we were spending much time on work we didn’t really care much about, which took our attention away from the things we loved the most, our children and fulfilling projects.

As a result of our discusions, we began questioning everything – and soon, things once important, suddenly seemed meaningless.

A few months later we decided to stop selling our time, sell everything and move to Bali, Indonesia so our children could attend The Green School.


Via my website, I have organised content better and simplified the structure so members and guests quickly and easily find what they’re looking for.

I share my trades with members during symposiums, and go through the process openly, so you can begin applying the same methodology in your own trading.




We live in Indonesia, and our children are studying at The Green School. We spend most of our time on meaningful projects and activities.

We spend more time with our children in an environment that is very close to, and in harmony with nature.

As a family, we know that for great things to happen, calculated risks must be taken, and that any fear associated with such risk-taking is OK. Our children understand that fear is not real and is there to guide us, but not control us.


I continuously deliver high quality and transparent trading education and develop effective trading tools at Pipnotic.

FX Street

I have been a premium content provider for FX Street since 2017. Topics presented include supply & demand, currency strength and trading psychology. For additional information, please visit FX Street’s premium educational service by visiting the following link.

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