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Thank you for signing up with us! We have provided a handful of valuable videos that we encourage you to watch to ensure that you get the most out of your subscription, from day one.

#1: Get off to a good start

After having watched this video, you will be familiar with the Pipnotic website and know where to look for e.g. product keys and symposiums

#2: Installing the Pipnotic indicators

In this short video I will show you how to properly install the Pipnotic MT4 indicators onto your MT4 terminal.

#3: Currency Strength Histogram

In this video I will run through the Pipnotic Currency Strength Histogram and go over the settings. I will also show you how to get it working perfectly.

#4: Supply and demand indicator

In this video I will look go over the settings for the Pipnotic supply and demand indicator and explain each one in detail.

#5: Currency strength GFX

In this video I will go over the settings for the Pipnotic currency strength GFX indicator, which can be used to show you graphically which currencies are in demand and which are not.

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FREE currency strength algo-trader

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