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Buy and Sell Zones

Here you will find a selection of videos focusing on supply and demand. Supply & demand is all about how liquidity is distributed in a market at price levels of value. In these videos we will go over these concepts in greater detail.

Performing an analysis and theory

In this video I will go over some buy and sell zone theory and discuss a few examples to help understand how it can be used when analysing the price chart of anything. We will apply the theory on some live examples to help illustrate the process, which is simple and can be used to analyse any asset.

Buy and sell zone analysis

In this video I will go over a few pairs and look at some trades that may be interesting. Next week I’ll have a look at some similar patterns on the 1, 5 and 15 minute charts to help pinpoint which patterns we are looking for.

Liquidity exploration and what is really going on

In this video I will go over what is really happening when our supply and demand and currency strength histogram tools are telling us that an opportunity is occurring. It is important for us to understand how liquidity is distributed and who is facilitating this process and why. When we understand these concepts, one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle will be in place.

BOXING - buying and selling on the right side of the market

In this video I will go over buy and sell zones theory and their location, the buy- or sell-side of the market. The reason I created the concept of BOXING was to help me distinguish between parent and child supply and demand, and associated buy and sell zones. BOXING is simple, easy to use and very effective, as you will see in this video.

Asset Strength

Asset strength is a very powerful tool that we will cover in the material below. Once you are able to see how one currency is performing in relation to others, you’ll be able to make much better decisions in relation to trading.

Asset strength contraction and expansion analysis

In this video I will have a look at what ASH periods of contraction and expansion and what they mean. One of the advantages with the asset strength packages is that they can be used to not only trade #currencies, but also #indices, #stocks, commodities, #cryptocurrencies and anything else your broker has a price feed of.

Pipnotic asset strength histogram and reversion algorithm

In this video I will go over a few updates recently released in the asset strength histogram (ASH) and asset strength reversion algorithmic trader (ASR). The new features were introduced to help mitigate trades taken against the major flows. These updates have been deployed in production builds this week, and are available for download.

Algorithmic Trading

When I started developing the Price Action Pro (PAP) back in 2010, which included the supply and demand software as a sub component, I needed a way to validate the parameters in order to identify useful combinations. This is when I began using automation.

Buy and Sell Zone algorithmic trader

In this video I will have a quick run through the configuration of the Pipnotic buy and sell zone expert advisor. This algo-trader is opens buy and sell limits at demand and supply price windows based on the identification of #liquidity distribution patterns found in the time-series data provided by the broker via the #MT4 terminal.

Pipnotic Currency Strength Reversion algorithmic trader

In this video community member John will show us how he has been testing the currency strength reversion algorithmic trader. His process is simple and very insightful, as each day he modifies one setting, the modifier, and shows us how the changes to the configuration affect the results for each day. The process is fascinating to watch and can teach all users a little about how this setting in particular affects risk and results.

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