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We have created an extensive archive of video tutorials to quickly help you get up-to-speed regarding how to effectively use our software. Take your time to go over the videos and consider rewatching some videos several times, until you’re comfortable with the material presented.

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We have divided our material into three categories so that you can quickly take a deep-dive into each category at your leisure.


Supply and demand isn’t simply looking for strong moves in price and assuming that price will react the next time it comes back. Let’s have a look at some nuances of supply and demand that are often overlooked.

Buy and sell zones

The concept of buy and sell zones eludes most, as successfully identifying them takes time to master. Searching for asset prices that attract buyers or sellers, based on buy and sell zone theory, will help you identify attractive prices, both for buyers and sellers.

Liquidity distribution

Asset prices move due to an imbalance in buyers (demand) and sellers (supply). Understanding how the supply of an asset – or lack thereof, changes asset prices will help you understand what a chart is really telling you.


Our software is data-centric, and focusses on what asset prices are doing, not what we want them to do. Our algorithms are time-tested and very effective, and greatly increase the probability of trades, as well as our confidence in them.

Asset strength

Understanding what the price of an asset is doing from a quantitative perspective is very powerful. When we objectively focus on the data in order to glean a bias, the result is empowering. This is what our asset and currency strength software is doing. The result of the analysis is presented in a way that is actionable.

The X-ray

When focussing on one time-frame, it’s easy to overlook what’s going on, on other time-frames, which may result in conflicting information. Being able to see multiple time-frames on one chart presents the unique opportunity to see everything you need, at a glance.


If you give 10 people the same data, you will likely see 10 different outcomes, as each person’s subjectivity will affect what they do with the data. Automation helps mitigate this by harnessing the power of objectivity.

Asset strength reversion

Over the course of many years, we have developed utilities that we use to help identify the most beneficial combination of parameters for our asset and currency strength software. These utilities have evolved into fully automated algorithmic trading software that trade the same signals as the Asset Strength Histogram (ASH) and Currency Strength Histogram (CSH) software.

Buy and sell zones

Over the course of even more years, we have developed a utility that we used to help identify the most beneficial combination of parameters for our supply and demand software. This utility has evolved into fully automated algorithmic trading software that trades the same buy and sell zones the supply and demand software is drawing on our charts.

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