Asset Strength Histogram

Welcome to the Pipnotic Asset Strength Histogram (ASH) project page where you will find all you need to know about ASH.

How it works

The asset strength histogram analyses the price of assets by studying price movements in the data-feed. It effectively identifies high and low asset prices and is also capable to alerting the user when such high and low prices are reached. It is also able to perform a bar-by-bar divergence analysis and visual inform the user when such divergences are qualified.

Data analysis

The asset strength algorithm scans the currently active chart, and looks for price and value discrepancies that meet the requirements defined in the configuration, which also including multiple assets and time-frames at once.

Visualization of alerts

Once the algorithm has identified patterns that meet the configuration requirements it draws visual objects onto the chart so that the user can see if the asset price is temporarily over-/under-priced.

Continuous analysis

According to the algorithm execution interval, the asset strength software will rescan the data-feed when new price data is received, and add, remove or modify any visual objects as required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions and answers people have in relation to the Pipnotic asset strength histogram indicator.

What are the best settings?

We have defined a default configuration, which works well for most assets. We recommend that you experiment for yourself, as this will get you well acquainted will the software, how it works and the different configurations.

Does Pipnotic software work on Mac?

There are some issues getting our indicators to work on a Mac, as they are slightly more complex than normal indicators and Experts. As a result, we recommend that you use a Windows PC or rent a VPS on which to host our software, which is what all of our Mac users are doing.

Does it work on MT5?

No. All software currently only works on MT4. I am currently working on rewriting my entire software offering for MT5

What are the best time-frames?

The asset strength histogram works on every time-frame, and is able to issue alerts on any of them from the one minute to the monthly chart.

What assets work best?

The software works good with all assets including Forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, futures and anything else the user’s broker has a price feed of.

How many licences do I have?

Each user is issued 4 licences when they sign up. This means that the software can be used on 4 different accounts. If the software is run on a 5th account, all instances will stop working, and you will have to request a licence reset via e-mail.


The Pipnotic asset strength histogram is capable of scanning hundreds of assets on all time-frames and inform the user when the data has qualified a trade. The user can then simply walk through the list and manually analyse each asset one by one.

Trade anything

Due to the flexible nature of the algorithm, it can be used to trade anything your MT4 broker has a price feed for, including Forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies, futures, commodities and more. Simply drag it onto the chart you wish to analyse, and after a few seconds the software will begin drawing supply and demand zones directly onto the chart.

"Even if you have traded for decades using hundreds and hundreds of indicators, never will there have been a light shone upon your charts as with the Supply and Demand indicator and the Pipnotic Software which specialises in bringing the best that the indicator has to offer to the trader."

– Sue D.

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