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We write price action indicators and trading robots for the price action trader

Our software

Our tools focus on price action (Pipnotic buy and sell zones theory) and asset strength, and can be used by the discretionary trader as well as traders who wish to harness the power of automation.

Software overview

We have several indicators and trading algorithms that all focus on the following areas


Buy and Sell Zones

Visually see where the banks are buying and selling, so you can buy and sell there to, with our supply and demand indicator.

Asset Strength

Visually see how an asset is being bought and sold, and where its price will likely turn around via our visual asset strength indicator.



Harness the power of automation with the Buy and Sell Zone (BASZ) and Asset Strength Reversion (ASR) algo traders.

Buy and Sell Zones

The Pipnotic Buy and Sell Zone (BASZ) algorithmic trader is built on the same logic as the Pipnotic supply and demand indicator, which is included in all subscriptions. The software effectively identifies liquidity distribution patterns and opens orders at price windows where price is very likely to react, using limit orders.

Asset Strength Reversion

The Pipnotic Asset Strength Reversion (ASR) algorithmic trader trades asset strength divergences, at high and low prices, taking on short-term contrarian positions. The software effectively identifies price divergences and opens orders at prices very likely to revert to the mean, using market orders.

"Sarid takes great pride in bringing everyone the best product available which includes the webinars (education), software (supply and demand, currency strength histogram and others) and combines these with some of the best live interaction."

– Kyle Rickman

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