Trading psychology is a fascinating topic

Danger is real, fear is not. Avoid danger, confront fear. Despite the reality of the previous statement, most people allow their fears to limit what they do and who they become by reigniting feelings of fear, typically associated with certain activities, situations, people, places and circumstances. Dealing with our fears is no trivial task, as many or our fears have their roots in, at the time, what appeared to be threatening and dangerous situations. And while fears can be good for obvious reasons, such as keeping us out of harms way, it is our responsibility as adults to weed our old, invalid, limiting beliefs so we can break away and become the best expression of who we wish to be.

Trading psychology poll

Via a poll I recently did on the Pipnotic website, I was able gain insight into what resulted in four primary fears affecting the majority of the poll participants. In this short video, I discuss the most highly voted beliefs and how they can and often do affect us in relation to the activity of trading.

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