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Supply and demand trading community with hundreds of active members. Join our community today and get access to hundreds of hours of webinars and educational material. All supply and demand memberships include access to the following as well as unlimited support.

Supply and demand and currency strength meters

Pipnotic Symposiums

Weekly webinar where we discuss supply & demand, currency strength and look at trade ideas. The environment is open and friendly, and will typically run for about an hour. Here are a few examples:


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1 review for Supply and demand quarterly membership

  1. Ove Nordkvist

    After a few years of trial and errors(mostly errors) and learning from different teachers. I never really came anywhere. I have blown a couple of accounts, kept a couple status quo, but that was it.

    Then I found Pipnotic and Sarid Harper! Sarid and the Pipnotic Supply and Demand Indicator shows whats going on in the market

    I no longer have to trade blindly.
    The supply and demand indicator is not the holy grail, but together with the symposiums it’s bloody close!

    It’s the real deal!
    Thank you Sarid!

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