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POOLS expert advisor is a utility that is used to automate the process of opening orders for the purpose of saving time and speeding up the analysis process.

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Expert advisor based on supply and demand to help you analyse anything and open trades.

Expert advisor for MT4

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1 review for Expert advisor POOLS monthly membership

  1. Elijah Marks

    The pools bot is an amazing tool, it uses the Pipnotic Supply and Demand algo as its core, it is fully automated and full of functions. It is not a set and forget bot as really the settings you use can be changed and this will significantly change the way your bot trades. The default settings are only a guide to get you started. This bot is very powerful and maybe not ideal for the newest users as setting it up takes some effort and work. The pools bot is a very advanced entry and exit tool that I have used for over a year now to reliably add profits to my account when I am away from the trading terminal.

    Careful care needs to go into determining your settings for live trading. The bot allows for either fixed lot sizes or variable. You can trade on the 1 minute or 5 minute chart or the weekly or monthly charts, the bot will trade on any timeframe. The bot relies on the Pipnotic Supply and Demand Algo, so its perfect at getting good entries at key reversal points. Best results with the bot will be obtained using and keying off longer term timeframes, as the bigger timeframe reversals are far fewer then then flips on the short term timeframes, and thus easier to catch.

    The bot only enters with limit orders where it expects a reversal will occur, the bot works great for just one order or hundreds of orders. With lots of orders, there are settings to control the spacing between your entries and the spacing on your exits, so it can be used in a grid fashion. Or it can be used for single trade sniper shots with variable lot sizes and reasonable stop losses. The bot can pick your targets based on ratios., or you can pick your own. You can limit the total number of orders from 1 to hundreds. Initially the bot can be a little tricky to set up because it has so many variables. But after a little bit of use and in the long run you will appreciate the many configuration options and the overall flexibility of the bot.

    cost to rent he bot is $99/MO, but for current subscribers of pipnotic there is an option to add a discount to the bot and get it for 50% off. The bot is updated regularly with new improvements, and bugs are quickly stomped out!
    And best of all the bot never sleeps or misclicks! I love it because it trades all the time and saves me time & makes me money every month. The bot comes with excellent ongoing support through either email or through the Pipnotic Discord server. There are also a few videos about the bot and how it works. Several people I know are also using this bot to add to their monthly profits and supplement their manual trading.

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