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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions people ask when signing up.

What does Pipnotic do?

Pipnotic is a software company that writes price action tools for the discretionary trader, with a primary focus on supply & demand, buy and sell zones and currency strength.

How do I know if this a good investment?

We can’t guarantee you’ll be profitable after you sign up with us but we can tell you that most of our users pay for their subscriptions from their trading, as a result of using our software. Trading, like any other skill, takes time to master.

What do I get with my subscription?

You get access to our supply and demand, currency and asset strength and XRay software with your subscription, as well as access to our video library.

Does the software run on a Mac?

The software doesn’t run on Apple computers, so if you own a Mac it is recommended that you rent a VPS and run the software on that.

Is support included in my subscription?

Yes. We have a large community of users and members who are willing to provide expert advice.

What are the Premium Analyses?

The Premium Analyses are live analyses of assets, requested by subscribers. They are created in a way that enables viewers to quickly see how the Pipnotic Buy and Sell Zone methodology can be applied to any market, so subscribers can quickly being doing so too. The service requires no software, so you can use any charting platform. This service also includes our deep learning forecasts.

What do others think about Pipnotic software?

Please visit our testimonial and review page for reviews and ratings of our products and services.

Are my personal data and payment details safe on your website?

We use a PCI Service Provider Level 1 partner for ALL financial transactions. We store no credit card information on our website, and we will NEVER share your email with anybody. Please review our Privacy and Security policy for additional information.

Is Pipnotic a signal provider?

No. We are neither authorised nor licensed to provide investment advice, and are unable to provide trading results, as results will vary from person to person, which is due to the different ways users are using our software.

"I’ve been using the Supply and Demand Pipnotic product for several months now. Sarid’s teachings combined with the software have greatly improved my trading. "

– Dave Rukkila

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