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Please take the time to review all of these videos, as they cover all premium Pipnotic tools and utilities in detail. If you still have questions after reviewing the material, please post your questions to the Pipnotic channel on our chat server.

Supply & Demand

Here you will find a selection of videos focussing on supply and demand. Supply & demand is all about how liquidity is distributed in a market at price levels of value. In these videos we will go over these concepts in greater detail.

Currency Strength

Currency strength is a very powerful tool that we will cover in the material below. Once you are able to see how one currency is performing in relation to others, you’ll then know what direction the price of the currency pair is most likely to move.


Most weeks I review questions sent in by members and cover them in detail. I also analyse various markets and identify price sensitive areas at which we can expect price to react so we have something we can watch and get involved with.

Trading Psychology

Trading is more about the person trading than it is the market, which is why a good understanding of how we react during positive and negative states is important. In these videos, we have a closer look at this exciting topic.

Algorithmic Trading

When I started developing the Price Action Pro (PAP) back in 2010, which included the supply and demand software as a sub component, I needed a way to validate the parameters in order to identify useful combinations. This is when I began using automation.


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