We have been receiving many e-mails from traders wishing to take advantage our Pipnotic premium subscriptions. We have responded to all of you individually but would like to write a few comments regarding our memberships, when they will be open and what they will include.

Just over three years ago I began writing a custom indicator for the MT4 platform to help me identify areas of supply and demand. Shortly after, I had a tool, which despite its simplicity, provided me with all of the information that I needed to support my particular style of trading. Since then, I have continued to develop the indicator and add functionality, and now it’s just about done.

In addition to the indicator, I wanted to create a protocol, which structured my trading process so that I could quickly refer to it each time the strategy I was using qualified a trade. This would help me create a check-list that would help me focus on what was important without losing sight of what I needed to consider prior to entering a trade.

The indicator, the trading strategies and the trading protocol are all documented in the form of HD video tutorials. The tool and the videos documenting its application, provide a very solid and holistic trading method, which focuses on what’s most important, price. Our unique combination of bespoke tools and theory will profoundly change the way you trade, on multiple levels.

We still have a few things on our to-do list and should have things organised in time so that we can open up for memberships early September.

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FREE currency strength algo-trader

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