The power of the Pipnotic software in combination with Sarid’s teachings of supply and demand levels will teach you to enter trades where there is almost always a reaction in price, giving you the opportunity to take risk out of your trades very quickly and painlessly on just about every entry.

Lucas O’Connor
CEO Digiventure Holding Ltd.

Hi Sarid,

Each trader is always on the look out for a more effective and less time consuming way of trading which maximizes both effort and time to yield high probability low risk trades. The combination of your currency strength and Pipnotic supply and demand software is a traders dream! It almost feels like cheating in an exam! Pairing strong against weak currencies at any given time is a sure bet way of getting a trading opportunity each time you open your charts. It definitely beats randomly flicking through charts scanning pairs, getting tired and finally forcing a trade because psychologically you need reward for that amount of “work”. One less trading psychology pitfall to worry about. I think this is a perfect example of working smart and not hard.

The work you also put into constantly tweaking and updating the software is also commendable. I am not the finished product yet, but I firmly believe with the help from you and the Pipnotic edge I will definitely get to that zone which every trader yearns for.

Thank you for all the hard work and time you invest, it’s so easy to see your passion for everybody’s success come alive in your teachings. Success is the only just reward for all our efforts.

Thank you once again.

South Africa

I have been trading Forex for the last ten years with limited success. I was losing for 7 years, chasing different systems and charting packages. Then I was break even for over two years before I got my big breakthrough in May 2016. I started using the Pipnotic software at the beginning of 2016.

Sarid’s teachings on how to read price was a game changer. I never looked at price the way he explained, and it opened a whole new world for me. Instead of having plenty of fancy indicators on my charts so I barely see the candle action, I started to learn how to read price.

By finding a trading setup that suits my personality and the way I want to trade, using the Pipnotic software, which shows me exactly where to enter a trade, has changed my entire way of trading. Since May I have not had a losing month and my current win ratio is 70%. I have never experienced such success before, and I don’t think it would have been possible without the help I got from the Pipnotic software.

The Pipnotic software saves me time when looking for my specific setup, as it takes me literally 10 seconds to see if I have a valid trade or not. And with the addition of the Strategy Alerts software that Sarid provides for the Coach’s Corner community, which alerts me of my specific setup, it is now possible to watch many different pairs without any additional effort.

Thank you Sarid for your kindness and willing to help me along the way. I can’t imagine trading without the Pipnotic software.

All the best

Darko Ali

To say that I have been at this for sometime now is an understatement. There have been several occasions over the years where I have thrown in the towel, despondent and totally frustrated as to why I just couldn’t make this work. I’ve tried everything that I can think of to make Forex trading work for me but with no luck, hopefully until now that is.

I used to be a member of the Coaches Corner hosted by Vic Noble of the Forexmentor team and now Sarid has been added to the mix and oh what a mix. Although I am no longer a member, I still get and view the weekly trade example videos posted on YouTube and this is how I was made aware of the Pipnotic software which I have since purchased.

After spending a while getting used to the software and setting it up to my liking I started to notice that the price levels where I would normally enter a trade were nowhere near any of the supply/demand levels that the software plotted on my charts so immediately I was being forced to be more disciplined and to wait until the relevant supply/demand levels were hit and then wait for my recognised patterns to appear and without hesitation and once my conditions have been met I enter a trade and not before.

Slowly but surely I am seeing more consistent results and my last 14 trades have delivered the best results i’ve EVER seen for my account and coupled with that my best ever week (802 pips over 14 trades).

Beginners luck? Maybe, only time will tell but for me the software coupled with getting my head right has been a revelation to my trading.

Sarid you are most definitely the man and I want to thank you sincerely for having the tenacity and the drive to bring this software to market.

Ray Daulphin

I have been trading for no more than a couple of years, following the path that many traders do, or so I have heard and read. From a beginner chart almost unreadable to a no-indicators price action only chart, I have used them all. I love trading and have done it without stops, with tight stops, using divergence, patterns, sometimes with great results and other times bad results along the way. One day I came across Sarid Harper. This gentleman is a one of kind trader and educator, from the very beginning. He shares his unique perspective and brilliant results on S/D readings along with amazing availability and fast feedback on any doubt or technical aspect: simple and clear.

As ancients used to say “don’t give the pips, teach them instead how to catch them”, maybe not exactly like this: you get the idea!  He will not do the job for you or me, but anyone who enters here will have the tools to develop high quality trading.

Thank you for all, Sarid!

Pedro Cruz
Barcelona, Spain

Dear Sarid

I want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me to date via pipnotic.com, the associated pipnotic MT4 software/indicators, the invaluable learning materials/video tutorials within the members section of the site and also your conscientious/in-depth email support as and when it has been required.

Whilst I have only been a Pipnotic member for a few months, the marked improvement in my trading style and associated results during this time have been both remarkable and dramatic by anyone’s standards.

Prior to discovering Pipnotic I had been trading on and off for six years and had experienced indifferent personal results. During that period I literally spent thousands of pounds on live seminars, webinars, online courses, mentors, trading systems and books – all in an unrelenting search for that winning formula (or the more commonly referred to ‘holy grail of trading’!). Unfortunately this six year search didn’t really reap any truly fruitful and long lasting results. At the back end of 2015 I was on the verge of giving up/quitting trading, but then an off-the-cuff remark via a former university friend (and fellow independent trader) at a university reunion contributed towards changing my life forever, and for the better. As a fellow economics graduate he asked me ‘Have you ever applied supply and demand theory to your trading?’. Rather embarrassingly (for an economics graduate!) I had to say ‘no’, but then subsequently a lightbulb definitely lit up in my brain as the conversation developed. I think I had tried (and paid for) every trading system under the sun, rather than applying a theorem/concept which should have been starring me in the face (appreciating my educational background) from day one of my trading journey – the application of supply and demand to the markets!. You see supply and demand can be applied to almost anything in life, from retail products (The higher the demand for an item, generally the higher the price for that item goes as demand outstrips supply) to footballers (Goals win games, but not all footballers can score goals with a degree of regularity. There is a limited supply of those who can, IE : strikers, and as a consequence because demand for strikers is higher than for other positions on the football pitch then they tend to demand a premium upfront price and associated wages), so why couldn’t I apply the same philosophy to trading!.

With renewed impetuous I returned home and began searching for a credible online educational resource re : the subject of ‘supply and demand’ trading. Via a simple google search I was lucky enough to find pipnotic.com relatively quickly and it soon became apparent that this website was going to be a good fit for me and my own personal needs. Why? Well if your looking for a slickly presented sales and marketing website that makes you lots of champagne promises regarding the trading results you are likely to experience if you purchase their latest trading system, then pipnotic.com is probably not for you. However, what I will say from my own personal experiences in the past is that those champagne promises invariably turn out to be lemonade!. If instead you want to actually learn how the professionals trade at an institutional level and replicate their processes profitably via your own trading then I implore you to join Pipnotic. I did and I can categorically tell you it is the best decision I have ever made in relation to my trading and associated education.

My personal decision to join Pipnotic was based upon the fact that their website is the exact polar opposite to the vast majority of trading education websites out there. It doesn’t read like one long sales letter (it doesn’t need to because what Pipnotic teaches actually works!) and instead it reads like one man’s journey/experiences from trading novice to a trading success story (whilst working within large banks, as a computer programmer, all over the world). The free information content on the pipnotic.com website, together with Sarid’s Youtube channel videos offer invaluable trading education content in their own right. However by becoming a full member of pipnotic.com you will take your own personal trading to a whole new level/stratosphere.

You see key to the pipnotic.com concept is the associated MT4 software which Sarid himself has produced as a consequence of him being a computer programmer originally by profession. This software visually tells you where the banks/institutions/market makers are likely to have their own positions in the market and as a consequence you can then place your own personal orders around these levels in order to ride on the back of the big boys likely market moves. The software quite literally is as close as you are ever likely to get to a program which tells you to ‘buy here’ and ‘sell here’. All you have to do is apply a few simple rules and a little bit of common sense in order to have a distinct trading edge/advantage at your constant disposal. Because the software is proprietary/owned by Sarid he is constantly updating, improving and evolving it in order to improve his own personal trading results and, as a direct consequence, those results of pipnotic members. I must also say at this juncture that not only is Sarid constantly developing the MT4 indicators/software for both his/our use, he is also always diligently adding new educational support materials and videos within the members section of the website. I find these a phenomenal learning resource as I am a very visual/audio learner.

I personally feel Sarid is on a one man mission to create a more level playing field between the institutional traders and the home/independent traders via the Pipnotic project which I am so proud to be a member of. No question/query is ever too big for Sarid to answer and he will always take time out of his busy schedule to help you and your own personal trading development if he can. In all the time I have been attempting to master trading as an income generating outlet for myself I have never met anyone so sincere, genuine and friendly as Sarid and he fully deserves all the plaudits and success that comes his way in the future.

Since becoming fully au fait with the pipnotic indicators/software my trading results and personal development in this field have gone from strength to strength as I have stated previously. Indeed I have just achieved my best results to date using the pipnotic indicators/software and this has resulted in me achieving a week-on-week account growth of 4.46% which I am over the moon about. When you put this account growth percentage into perspective and compare/contrast it with the savings account interest rates I am currently receiving in the UK (1.5% per annum/year, not per week!) then this only further serves to re-emphasise the fact that joining Pipnotic was and still is the best trading-related decision I have ever made. For this I will be forever thankful and indebted to Sarid, and as a consequence I thought the least I could do was put my thoughts and praise on paper via this testimonial/letter of thanks and recommendation. Thank you once again Sarid and I look forward to an exciting future with Pipnotic as it goes from strength to strength.

Martin, Lancashire
United Kingdom

Pipnotic magic! I have been dabbling with Forex trading since 2010 with limited success. What I have witnessed the past month in demo and forward testing is truly remarkable. Pipnotic brings context to your strategy. It does not matter what type of trader you are, positional, swing or day trader, this tool will complete your strategy and bring the desired result. Sarid’s demo’s (and support) will get you to your edge in no time. I have no words to express my gratefulness to Sarid for making this tool available.

Jakes Becker
Perth, Australia

I have been hanging around in the FX business for quite some time but I have never seen something like the Pipnotic Supply & Demand Indicator before. The levels it draws are almost magical (nothing is 100% by the way) and you can expect almost certain some form of reaction at these levels. Additionally, the Currency strength indicator gives you an additional edge which pairs you want to trade at any given session of the day. Furthermore, Sarid is a true professional with outstanding knowledge about the markets. The received support is immediate and profound. Nothing else to be said.

Volker Potthast

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the support you have given me since I became a member one year ago, it has been a truly rare experience in the FX jungle. As for trading, I have decided to give up work and trade full time. Since I have had my S/D indicator, its all I use and could not imagine trading without it, may I also add the website is very informative and that alone I have learned so much.

Ray Monaghan
South Africa

I have been trading since february 2011 and got my initial “Education” at “Babypips” you can find all my posts there search for “Spanishjeff”.
I have been profitable throughout and reinvested some of my gains in education, as I realised after wasting a year that anything that is “Free” isn’t worth looking at! Now my trades are based on the PIPNOTIC PRICE ACTION indicators levels, The indicator is invaluable to me for providing a solid level to trade off. It saves me many hours of hard work figuring out levels, looking back in history. The trading strategies and instructional videos are spot on and are all you need to be a profitable trader!

Spanishjeff (Babypips)