Pipnotic Intra Candles MT4 Indicator

Pipnotic Intra Candles MT4 Indicator (version 1.239)

When price action on smaller time-frames approaches levels of support and resistance on e.g. hourly, four hourly or daily charts, one can generally expect some kind of manageable reaction. Wouldn’t it be useful to be able to see greater period Japanese candlesticks without having to leave the active chart? Identifying significant levels of support and resistance would certainly be much easier. This following MT4 indicator makes this possible.


Here are the configuration settings for the intra-candle indicator:


  • ProductKey: Your product key that you receive when you purchase this indicator.
  • EnableAutoGreaterPeriodCandles: When set to True, the indicator will draw candlesticks the number of periods greater specified in the CandlePeriodMultiplier setting, on the current chart.
  • BullishCandle: Specifies the colour of bullish candles.
  • BearishCandle: Specifies the colour of bearish candles.
  • CandlePeriodMultiplier: The number of periods greater, used when EnableAutoGreaterPeriodCandles is set to True.
  • CandlesToShow: Number of candlesticks to draw on current chart.
  • CandlePeriod: Candlestick period to draw on current chart. Used when EnableAutoGreaterPeriodCandles is set to False. Valid values are: MN, W1, D1, H4, H1, M30, M15, M5.
  • EnableLevelProjections: Specifies whether the open/high/low/close levels from the precious period are drawn on the following period.
  • OpenLevelProjection: Colour of the previous periods Open level.
  • HighLevelProjection: Colour of the previous periods High level.
  • LowLevelProjection: Colour of the previous periods Low level.
  • CloseLevelProjection: Colour of the previous periods Close level.
  • LevelPeojectionLineWidth: The thickness of the previous periods open/high/low/close levels.