MT4 Indicators

Pipnotic Supply & Demand MT4 indicator

The only supply & demand indicator you will ever need. This tool visually shows you where price is VERY likely to react and will keep you on the right side of of the market. This is a very versatile tool and suits the needs of any kind of trader, be it the short-term or position trader. Set your risk profile (e.g. 1%) and the software will show you where to put you entry and stop levels as well as position sizes. This is truly a phenomenal tool.

Download the Supply & Demand MT4 indicator

Pipnotic currency strength MT4 indicators (GFX, Dashboard, Histogram)

This collection of currency strength tools enable you to carefully select currencies to pair and trade. Combined with the Pipnotic Supply & Demand indicator, you will know what to trade, where to trade and when. The various indicators present you with currency strength information in several ways to suit the needs of any trader.

Download the currency strength MT4 indicators

Pipnotic Momentum Meter MT4 Indicator

Being able to visualise the strength of the bulls and the bears in relation to each other can be very useful, especially when attempting to assess if a level will hold or if a trending market is slowing down. The following indicator is the initial release of the free Pipnotic Momentum Meter MT4 indicator.

Download the Momentum Meter MT4 indicator

Pipnotic Fibonacci Channels MT4 Indicator

For quite some time now I have been studying ranges and how previous period levels (e.g. day) are useful in trading. Most traders are mindful of e.g. yesterday’s high and low but what about the Fibonacci external retracements and extensions? The Pipnotic Fibonacci Channels MT4 indicator enables you to keep an eye on external extension and retracement levels based on e.g. yesterday’s range, and plots these levels nicely on the current day’s price action.

Download the Fibonacci Channels MT4 indicator

Pipnotic Stochastic Standard and Hidden Divergence MT4 Indicator

Standard and hidden divergence indicator, using the Stochastic oscillator. When traded at significant levels of historically respected support and resistance and managed properly, divergence can be the only trade you need. The following indicator is the  initial release of this free Stochastic divergence indicator.

Download the Stochastic Standard and Hidden Divergence MT4 Indicator

Pipnotic MACD MT4 Indicator

The standard MACD MT4 indicator that comes with all default MT4 installation may seem a little off by some. This is a traditional MACD MT4 indicator that displays two lines as well as the histogram below the chart, and it very useful for e.g. MACD divergence.

Download the MACD MT4 indicator

Pipnotic Multi-EMA MT4 Indicator

Drawing significant moving averages such as the 200, 100 and 50 day, and drawing them on lower time-frames (e.g. hourly) can often provide a good visual indication of significant price levels at which price may react, especially when the converge with other levels. The following indicator enables you to define three moving averages and draw them on any chart.

Download the Multi-EMA MT4 indicator