I have a dream; one my girl and I share, and one that has taken us to a new place where life is simpler and more peaceful, where we have fewer things, warmer weather, and access to great education for our children, with a fundamental focus on sustainability.
Everything starts with a dream of something better, something that wakes you up early and keeps you up late. A dream that is so motivating that you are willing to endure discomfort to make it happen. This is when risks should be taken, and this is the place where great things are born.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts

Spending too much time in a comfortable and safe environment is no success and tends to make one soft and complaisant. As a result of comfort indulging behaviour, over time, you’ll likely not even register that you no longer notice the things that were once novel, and that you pay little attention to the smells, sounds, surroundings and faces that were once new and exciting. When this happens I feel that it is important to ask yourself the following question:

Waking up and feeling successful

Just to be clear, I am not suggesting that every time your surroundings become boringly familiar, or that every time you get tired of something or someone you need to swap them out, only that too much comfort and too many mindless routines tend to eliminate one’s desire to create and develop by lulling you into the convenience of knowing what will happen next, regardless of how meaningless it is.

Success and selling ones time

I have previously touched upon the notion of selling our time and just how valuable our time is to us, so why waste time on things that are meaningless to us, do not fill us with joy or provide little or not value?
Many people believe that the purpose of life is to be happy, which, paradoxically, will likely end up costing us our happiness. Happiness is an emotional response to the outcome of an event. If the outcome is positive, we’re happy, if the outcome is negative, we’re sad. It’s causality in it’s purest form, and many of us move from one outcome to another all our lives, never realising that we are actually trapped in a mindless pursuit of happiness.

If I get/have/experience this or that then I will be happy!

Bliss/joy on the other hand is a state, a constant, it’s binary, as it either is or it isn’t, and is not dependant on the outcome of an event. It is often experienced as a result of enjoying the process of doing something, long before there is any outcome to be happy or sad about. When we are doing something meaningful, something we were born to do, we enjoy it and we will often find ourselves in a state of bliss, as time flies – and in many cases, we won’t want the process to end, be it playing with our children, programming software, reading a book or occupying ourselves with something else that feels meaningful to us.

I often find myself laying in bed late at night when my boys and wife are fast asleep, pondering how to better understand what makes the price of a commodity move. I am so filled with excitement and joy that I can’t sleep, as images form in my mind. The beauty and pleasure that often comes as a result of taking charge over one’s time and and doing something meaningful to us (and keeps us up at night with excitement) is immense!

When was the last time you were so filled with joy that everything else, momentarily, ceased to exist?

This is where we should be positioning ourselves on a very regular basis. Life is tough when we are busy trying to make ourselves happy. Chasing happiness often results in a life-long hunt for as many interesting and pleasurable experiences as possible, as we spoil ourselves by indulging in various comforts such as spas, sex, travelling, dining, buying – just to mention a few.

A momentary escape from our mundane, uneventful lives

This is our momentary escape from our mundane, uneventful lives, which enables us to fuel-up before we return to our cubicles and continue doing our bullshit, pseudo work as implied by cultural and social expectations.

When was the last time you stopped and asked yourself if what you are pursuing in life is meaningful and keeping you in a state of bliss? When you get X will you be happy? Really? How about 2 days/weeks/months/years after you get X – will you still be happy? I think the answer to that question is an unequivocal no, as once we get whatever we thought we wanted/needed, we start looking for a new thing that we believe will make us happy, as the novelty of X has worn off.

The solution to success

The answer is simple in theory, yet difficult in practise, as it requires us to take risks when our social circles are telling us not to. To go against societal and cultural expectations we often grow up with and see our parents, siblings and friends respect and adhere to. I believe that the biggest challenge we face is ourselves, our mindset and current set of beliefs. If, conceptually, trading is simple, why is it then that around 95% of people who trade lose money? I believe that it is because the 95% of individuals who trade are focusing on the result (potential money) rather that the process (trading). Most people are trading because they are in the pursuit of money, of happiness, and not because they actually enjoy the act of trading itself.

I believe that success and the solution is to do something you love, every day, rather than wasting your precious time on activities that are simply a means to an end, the end being more money, a bigger car/house – you know, the thing that will make you happy. Search for what it is that fills your entire being with joy and bliss, and search for it as intensely as you would look for a missing key – and don’t stop until you find your key. You see, I have a belief that for big change to happen we must take on an equally amount of risk – and when we are taking on big risk in order to take quantum leaps doing what we love doing, great things will happen.

Everything starts with a dream of something better, something that wakes you up early and keeps you up late. A dream that is so motivating that you are willing to endure discomfort to make it happen. This is when risks should be taken, and this is the place where great things are born.


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Terima kasih.

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