Modern day enslavement

Let’s create something of perceived value, which for the sake of simplicity, we’ll call X that we can buy things with, sell things for – and in the situation that we are able to accumulate enough of it, we can lend it to others for more X. Due to the fact that most people consider their time their primary commodity, and are willing to sell it for X – and because they really like having X, they often sell so much of their time that they barely have any time left for themselves and their families. And considering the fact that from the moment we are born until the moment we die, all we really have is time, whoever bought our time from us, simply put, owns us. Now how is that for modern day enslavement?! So now, knowing that your time is the only thing that you really have, and is of tremendous value, why on earth would you want to sell it? This is one question the digital nomad has attempted to answer – and from what I can see from the growing communities supporting the digital nomad, I’d say that they’re on the right track.

The accumulation of traditional status symbols

You must understand that those who are critical of societal norms and practices are well aware of what it is the average person seeks, and they consciously chose something else. Such individuals seek to rid themselves of most material possessions and they don’t care about traditional status symbols such as cars, watches, and expensive brands, which often motivate the materialistic corporate worker. In exchange for their time, the corporate worker seeks security, stability and comfort – and often invests the X they are able to accumulate in some of the above mentioned status symbols as confirmation that they are on track in the eyes of their peers.

Security, stability and comfort

Security, stability and comfort sound lovely don’t they, I mean who wouldn’t want these things – and if someone came to you and told you that they would give you all of them for the small price of 8 hours of your time each day, who would say no? The problem here, from my perspective, is that all of this comfort seeking tends to make individuals very risk averse, which is when things tend to lean towards the negative side. Taking risks is crucial for all kinds of development, be it personal or professional, as most great things were accomplished from states of initial discomfort. Look at many of the pioneers of our time who managed to change the way we do things, all of them brought about enormous change by taking equally enormous, calculated risks. Simply put, change rarely comes from a state of comfort.

How does the digital nomad reduce risk? She decided to rid herself of material belongings. She realised that traditional status symbols are of no importance and value, thus becoming nothing more than things.

Asking quality questions and seeking quality answers

Becoming aware of the fact that we have a choice is the first step we must take in the direction of taking complete responsibility of our lives. If we don’t ask quality questions then we won’t force ourselves to seek quality answers. First of all we need to become aware of the fact that there is a world out there that doesn’t embrace the concept of selling our time, one where calculated risk taking is encouraged – and the decision making process for doing so, nurtured. It is my conviction that the most effective way for breaking the nine-to-five mould is to figure out what it is that we are good at – and most importantly, love doing, and do it. It is also my conviction that if we do what we love, then people will eventually pay us to do it – and if we still haven’t discovered what it is that we are good at then other ways do exist to help pay us, without the need to sell the time that we will need in order to continue discovering.

The digital nomad gets paid

Being a website about trading the financial markets, here you’ll learn about how to use the markets to pay yourself without the need to sell your time to do so. That may sound almost too good to be true – and to be quite honest with you, it doesn’t come without a big investment of personal time in order to learn how to do so. Learning how to trade, like anything new, doesn’t result in immediate positive results, it requires time and patience – and most importantly, realistic expectations, which is why trading may not be for everyone. That said, once you have learned how to trade the financial markets, you will quickly realise that the effort you invested learning to do so, was one of the best investments you ever made.

Who would benefit from learning about trading?

Anyone can learn about trading in order to generate passive income – and while it can take years to master, if you focus on the fundamental factors of what is driving the market, you can learn to see what eludes the masses, and save years of your time. That said, it does require discipline and commitment to become proficient but you’ll quickly realise once you become profitable that your time was well spent, as trading is scaleable to suit the needs of all types of people.

My family and I recently moved to the tropical island of Bali in Indonesia in order to give our children an education to teach them the importance of e.g. sustainability, nature and calculated risk taking, an education that would teach them how to take responsibility for themselves and how to protect and maintain the environment for their generation as well as for future generations. Our time here has introduced us to an economy of mobile entrepreneurs, which we were also exposed to in Copenhagen via collaborative co-working spaces such as The Republic, a breed of people who travel the world doing what they love, a group of self-driven individuals who have taken responsibility for themselves instead of giving that power to others by selling their time, in exchange for security, stability and comfort.

Where can I meet others doing the same thing?

Similar to the creative co-working space I frequented when we lived in Copenhagen, others exist here in Bali such as Hubud and Outpost where like minded individuals work collaboratively – or solo, to do what they love to do, with purpose, and the place is filled with the digital nomad. Other options such as Roam also exist, which provide members with an international network of co-living and co-working spaces where creative profiles (digital nomads) can travel the world doing what they love, and new initiatives are popping up all over the place like colourful flowers in a green meadow during spring.

So how do you avoid corporate enslavement?

Due to my interest in the financial markets, I chose trading. My passion for software development enabled me to develop some highly specialised tools to help me understand a given market with a decent degree of accuracy. My tools are visual and help me see what I need to be doing and when, which really simplifies the process. In addition – and in order to validate the logic of my discretionary tools, I created an algorithmic currency trader that trades the currency market while I watch from the sidelines, freeing my time completely. Everything is done automatically with very limited human intervention, which greatly simplifies the process. This was my path, which was one of many possible paths that exist and I strongly encourage you to spend some time on figuring out what your gift is and how to bring it to the world.

If you want to have a closer look at the details of how I like to trade as well as the results of the algorithmic currency trader, I have compiled the following video, which is a sample of a presentation I did for FX Street, to help shed some light on how I managed to enter the digital nomad space.

I hope the above the video above helps illustrate how you can begin to take the necessary steps required in order to move toward a more rewarding work situation where you are no longer forced to sell your time. And if you’re not quite ready to take that step, I hope the information in this post is interesting enough to encourage you to start asking quality questions and seeking quality answers. And if you think we can help you create a secondary stream of income so you can get paid while you focus on developing you’re skill set, please free to give me a shout.

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