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Pipnotic writes software for the price action trader, which is unique and incredibly accurate. Use it to analyse anything from currencies and commodities to indicies, or anything else your MT4 broker offers.


Supply and demand

Visually see what is driving price and where banks are buying and selling.

Currency strength

Understand why a currency pair is moving higher or lower, at a glance.


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Price action, liquidity, the economy and cycles

Price action can be a very challenging area of focus, as for most people, the movement of price simply looks like random noise. Is some circumstances this can be true – but when trading patterns, which emerge as a result of price seeking liquidity, we need to remind ourselves that price is always looking for a better price and that volatility is a function of this.

Algo trading results and insights

Over the past few years I have found that the best way to improve the quality of my discretionary trading software was to create an algorithmic trader that used the data points provided by the Pipnotic algo trading engine and use them to place trades. I have had multiple algo trading projects over the years,

Digital nomads, escaping corporate enslavement

Let’s create something of perceived value, which for the sake of simplicity, we’ll call X that we can buy things with, sell things for – and in the situation that we are able to accumulate enough of it, we can lend it to others for more X. Due to the fact that most people consider their time their primary commodity, and are willing to sell it for X – and because they really like having X, they often sell so much of their time that they barely have any time left for themselves and their families.

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