Premium software


In this course, we will show you how to you install, configure and use the premium indicators and expert advisors.


  • 1 Section
  • 9 Lessons
  • 2 Quizzes
  • 4h 11m Duration
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Installation, configuration and usage
9 Lessons2 Quizzes
  1. Installation
  2. Software installation quiz
  3. Pipnotic Supply and Demand (SnD) Tutorial
  4. Pipnotic Asset Strength HIstogram Indicator
  5. Pipnotic Currency Strength Indicator
  6. Pipnotic Xray Indicator
  7. Pipnotic Buy and Sell Zones Expert Advisor
  8. Pipnotic buy and sell zones algorithmic trader settings and usage tutorial
  9. Pipnotic buy and sell zones (basz) algo-trader
  10. Pipnotic basz video tutorial
  11. Pipnotic software quiz

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