My background in relation to currency trading, is likely very different than most. Since 2001 I have worked with technical IT security and spent most of my time performing security related tasks for some of the biggest companies in the world. The majority of the organisations I worked with were financial institutions. Many of the tasks I was asked to perform were often related with the bank’s core business, trading, and so I spent a considerable amount of time talking with traders and software developers. I got to know many of the traders and IT guys very well and learned much about trading and the software the banks were using. Of course the question that kept coming up whilst locked in casual conversion over lunch was:

What are you doing, how are you doing it and how are you doing?

Most them laughed at my repetitive enquiries and others went to great lengths to help me understand what it was they were doing. I worked with these guys on and off for over a decade and so over time, I began to see commonalities emerging, which I found interesting. Some of them made the process of trading seem incredibly complicated, perhaps purposely, and others managed to simplify it to the point where one day, whilst chatting to an incredibly talented guy whilst on our way to catch the same train, I decided that I wanted to learn how to trade. It was on this day that I decided to begin programming a collection of tools that would perform much of the work that I kept hearing about. Whilst on holiday in Thailand with my wife and son, I began programming – and a few months later, I was running the very early beta release of the Pipnotic Price Action Pro indicator, which ultimately did much of what the traders told me was important.

My greatest wish in relation to this website and my software is to provide currency traders with tools and the education that will enable them to make trading decisions at the same levels as the traders who worked at the banks I worked with. And while this is not entirely possible for obvious reasons, I believe that my software will probably get you about as close as you can come.

All of my premium tools were written with purpose and joy, and it is my hope that you will see as much value in them as I do.

Thank you.

Sarid Harper