Algorithmic trading is a fascinating topic. The Pipnotic algorithmic currency strength trading robot has seen many improvements over the past six months and now it’s finally gone live. I am watching it like a hawk but the preliminary results are staggering. Let’s have a closer look.

Creating algorithmic trading strategies is a challenging task, one I have enjoyed for a few years now. I always knew that currency strength was a very underestimated yet important component in currency trading, hence my focus on it. Since my last update I have made many changes to the algorithmic trading robot to help ensure proper entries. Previous versions waited for a pull-back to ensure a better price but I found that the algorithmic trading robot was missing entries as a result. To mitigate this issue I decided to develop a variation that didn’t wait for a pull-back but rather looked at other information that would help it choose trades with the greatest likelihood of moving. The changes were made and the new versions were committed and the results have been marvellous. The newest build has been running for almost two months and it seems to be getting in on the trades the previous build would have missed out on, which pleases me, as this was my motivation for modifying the algorithmic trading robot.

Here is a screen-shot of the algorithms results, to date:

Algorithmic trading, the Pipnotic currency strength trading robot
Algorithmic trading, the Pipnotic currency strength trading robot

Currently, the algorithmic trading robot works is varying modes, long, medium and short term. I am currently only running the medium and short term versions, as I want to ensure that the algorithmic trading robot is taking enough trades so I am able to obtain a decent sample size for analysis, without having to wait for a year. The decent activity of the both algorithmic trading robots has enabled me to obtain some decent examples for analysis so I think I am on track.

Here is a video where I present the results for the latest algorithmic trading robot, which I hope you find interesting.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to write to me via the contact form. Emails asking for a copy of the robot will be ignored.

Thank you.


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